Vol 1.2 Dialogue Between Civilizations Has been Published

日期: 2015-06-30 浏览: 12806

Journal of Chinese Humanities        

Volume 1 Issue 2, 2015



213 David LyleJeffrey
The “Good” and “The Good Life”: Confucius and Christ

231 Andrew H. Plaks
Shining Ideal and Uncertain Reality: Commentaries on the “Go lden Rule” inConfucianism and Other Traditions

241 Yao Xinzhong
Confucian Tradition, Modernization, and Globalization

259 Richard Wolin
Under Western Eyes: Critical Reflections on the Confucius Revival

267 Xie Wenyu
Competing Paradigms in the Dialogue Among Civilizations: Core Values vs.Universal Values

280 Fu Youde; Wang Qiangwei
A Comparison of Filial Piety in Ancient Judaism and Early Confucianism

313 Tan Mingran
On China’s Challenge to American Hegemony

335 Lifeng Han
Communicating Civilization Through Rituals: Mount Tai Pilgrimages in SongChina, 960-1279

363 Yang Shen
Rethinking “Traditions”: Reading the Classics as Ritual

Top Ten Developments in the Studies of Chinese Humanities in 2014

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