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日期: 2015-06-30 浏览: 12806

Journal of Chinese Humanities    

Volume 1 Issue 1, 2015


1 Wang Xuedian
Editor's Note

4 Liu Zehua
The King’s Power Dominating Society—A Re-examination of Ancient Chinese Society

25 Feng Tianyu
Society of Imperial Power: Reinterpreting China’s “Feudal Society”

51 Zhang Jinguang
New Thoughts on the Social Forms of Ancient China (from the Zhou to Qing Dynasties)

67 Li Ruohui
The Era of Prefectures and Counties: An Inquiry into the Power Structure and State Governance in Ancient Chinese Society, with an Emphasis on li and fa

88 Li Zhi’an
Northern and Southern Dynasties and the course of History since Middle Antiquity

120 Lei Ge
The Heavens are High and the Emperor is Near: An Imperial Power System that is Open to the People—The interaction and representation of the complicated relationship between the emperors and the people in Qin and Han Dynasties

146 John Berthrong
Creativity in Song Daoxue道學: Explication and Elaboration in Zhu Xi’s and Chen Chun’s Philosophy

170 Bruno Lessard
The Refracted Moment: Photographing Chinese History in the Making

194 Emily Williams
From kang(炕) to kongtiao(空调): China’s Twentieth Century Cooling